Southeastern Louisiana University Faculty Senate

                                                      Meeting Minutes

                                           Wednesday, August 29, 2005

                                                      Alumni Center


I.                    Senate President Laverne Simoneaux called the meeting to order at 3:02 p.m. in the Alumni Center.  Membership Secretary Mary Sue Ply called roll.  Senators absent were: Davis, Holt-Ochsner, Lewallen, Mark, McCalman, Nelson, Neuerburg, Saeki, Schulte, Valentino.

II.                  Minutes from the May 4, 2005 meeting were unanimously approved.

III.               New Business:

A.        President Simoneaux welcomed all senators to the new academic year.

                         She then asked all senators to introduce themselves.  Outgoing Senate

                          President David Wyld was thanked for his service and given a gift by

                          President  Simoneaux.   She then showed the Senate members the hook

                          which she says she intends to use to help enforce the “5-minute rule” for

                          invited speakers.  There was applause.

B.         The Southeastern Ladies Tennis Team and its coach Jason Lee were brought forward.  Members of the team introduced themselves.  President Simoneaux read Senate Resolution 2005-2006-01 congratulating the team on their achievements in 2004-2005 (see Addendum A).  Applause indicated unanimous approval of the resolution.

C.        Ms. Simoneaux then called attention to President Moffett’s responses to the Senate Resolutions of 2004-05.  The Administration responded favorably to everything except the resolution on cell phone decorum.  The response was that the Provost’s “Blue Memo” sufficiently addresses this issue for now (see Addendum B).

D.        Ms. Simoneaux called attention to the list of Committee Assignments (see Addendum C).  Chairs and members were assigned in the order that President Simoneaux received the requests.  Facilities, Safety, and Security has no chair.  Ms. Simoneaux asked for a volunteer.  No one responded.  She pointed out that the Senate also needs an Online Voting Coordinator.  Anna Kleiner is the Senate Liaison to SGA, but there should be two Senators in this position so that they can alternate weekly attendance at SGA meetings.  A Senator can come off of another committee to fill this position.

E.         Requirements for FAC Member and Alternate.  Senator Yeargain said that he did not think it was appropriate to discuss any changes in these requirements at present since there will an election for FAC in two weeks.

F.         Ex-Officio member of Nominations and Elections.  Senator Ply explained that as Membership Secretary she has been helping to coordinate Senate elections, but this is not a specified part of her duties.  For legal purposes, she said that the Membership Secretary should be made an ex-officio member of Nominations and Elections, and that requires Senate approval for a change to Constitution and Bylaws.  Motion was made to send this to Constitution and Bylaws.  Senator Ramsey asked for further explanation.  Senator Titard (chair of Nominations and Elections) said that he receives invaluable assistance with the elections process from the Membership Secretary and would like to see this continue so it needs to be in the rules. Senator Ramsey said that this would “institutionalize” the duties and prevent future problems.  Motion to send the request to Constitution and Bylaws was approved.

IV.               Announcements:

                   A.    Senator Titard announced that ballots will be ready for the election of                             

                          FAC alternate at the next meeting.  There are 4 nominations.  Senator                     

                          Yeargain asked if  the four nominees should be invited to make brief          

                          speeches to introduce themselves before the election.  President

                          Simoneaux said that she will extend the invitations to the candidates.

B.          Senator Ply announced that she will ask all Department Heads for new

                           numbers on full-time faculty in order to determine membership numbers

                          and representation on Tenure/Promotion, University Planning, and

                          Faculty Grievance.

C.          Senator Ply said that DVickers is unbearably hot and asked if any other

        buildings were experiencing cooling problems.  White Hall and KHS

        were also mentioned as being inadequately cooled.  Senator Ply said that

        the “chilling unit” in DVIC is always shut off on weekends so it is

        impossible to be in the building to work.  And there is the additional

        problem that Monday mornings are very hot since it takes a day or more

        for the building to cool.  Senator Weaver said that Senator Ply should

        contact Facility Planning

D.          Senator Stahr from the Library is assisting with the University’s move to

         use this semester.  She will be holding a training session

         on September 22.  She will set up individual accounts for faculty users

         and can meet with faculty members if they contact her.  Senator Stahr

         said should not be seen as the solution to all plagiarism

         problems.  It can be presented to students as a research tool, a way for

         them to check their own work.  There are links to through

          the By-Lion and Faculty Excellence sites.  Senator Burns said that he

         will post a link through the Faculty Senate page.  Everyone should tell

         their faculties about this.  All faculty members should add the notice on
 that was included in the Provost’s “Blue Memo” to their

         course information.  Senator Stahr said that this is necessary so students

         are notified that their intellectual property may be stored in the

E.           Senator Yeargain said that he will issue a new copy of the Bylaws.  The

                          Senate webpage has a link to the Constitution, which is about 25 pages

                          long and can be printed.  Senators can also go to that site for Proxy

                          Appointment forms.

F.           President Simoneaux congratulated Senator Joe Burns and his wife on                                        the adoption of their child.



G.         The meeting was adjourned at 3:35 p.m.  The next meeting is scheduled

                           for September 7, 2005.


Respectfully submitted,


Rebecca Hite

Recording Secretary