Southeastern Louisiana University

Faculty Senate Agenda

24 August 2005

Alumni Center, 3 p.m.

I.                     Call to Order and Roll Call

II.                   Approval of the Minutes – 4 May 2005

III.                  New Business

A.                 Welcome and Introductions [Simoneaux]

B.                 Congratulations to the Lady Lions Tennis Team [Simoneaux]

C.                Responses to Resolutions [Simoneaux]

D.                Committee Assignments [Simoneaux]

E.                 Requirements for FAC Member and Alternate [Ply]

F.                 Ex-officio member on Nominations and Elections Committee [Ply]

IV.               Announcements

A.                 FAC Alternate Elections [Titard]

V.                 Adjournment–Next Meeting: 7 September 2005