April 6, 2005

Alumni Center, 3 p.m.



I.                    Call to Order and Roll Call


II.                 Approval of the Minutes of March 2, 2005


III.               Invited Guests

        Stephen Smith, Vice President for Administration & Finance

o       Medicare Election

        Mike Asoodeh, Assistant Vice President for Technology

o       Tech Fee Printing

        Steve Leon, Director of Auxiliary Services

o       XeroxTM Printer Networking


IV.              Old Business

A.                Election of Officers [Nominations & Elections]

B.                Constitution/By-Laws Changes [Constitution and Bylaws]

C.               Transfer Admissions Correspondence [EXECUTIVE]

D.               DROP Changes [BUDGET]

E.                Academic Promotion of Administrators [PROFESSIONAL RIGHTS & RESPONSIBILITIES]

F.                Cell Phones [Facilities, Safety, and Security]


V.                 New Business

A.                Printing Potpourri (Tech Fee Printing, XeroxTM Printer Networking)

B.                Building Potpourri (Smelly/Noisy/Untimely Renovations, Asbestos, etc.) [Ply]

C.               Advising as Teaching [Wyld]


VI.              Announcements

A.                Election Potpourri [Ply]

B.                Faculty Senate Night at the Baseball Game, April 8th, 6:30 p.m. [Wyld]

C.               SGA [Hite, Stahr]


VII. Adjournment next meeting: May 4, 2005