March 3, 2004

Alumni Center, 3 p.m.



I.                   Call to Order and Roll Call


II.                Approval of the Minutes February 3, 2004


III.             Invited Guests:

A.               Dr. John Crain, Provost

o    Intellectual Property Rights Draft Policy

o    Copyright Draft Policy

B.                Dr. Michael Kurtz, Dean of the Graduate School

o    Plagiarism

o    Graduate Commencement


IV.            Old Business

A.               Online Elections [Constitution & Bylaws]

B.                Sabbatical Leave [Faculty Welfare]

C.               On-campus Daycare [Facilities & Planning]

D.               Multiple Catalogues [Academic]


V.               New Business

A.               Intellectual Property Rights Draft Policy [Wyld]

B.                Copyright Draft Policy [Wyld]

C.               Commencement Changes [Wyld]

D.               Combating Plagiarism and High-Tech Cheating [Wyld]

E.                Withdrawal Date [Yeargain]


VI.            Announcements

A.               Update on Academic Affairs Actions [Wyld]

o    Appeal and Change of Grade Policy

o    Academic Integrity Policy

B.                SGA Report [Diez, Lew]

C.               BOS/FAC Report [Bostic]

D.               Senate Elections [Ply]


VII. Adjournment next meeting: April 7, 2004