Parking Policy Resolution

The members of the Facilities and Safety Committee recommend that the
Faculty Senate adopt the following resolution.

WHEREAS parking continues to be a significant problem on the Southeastern
campus, and

WHEREAS the parking problem is creating significant problems in faculty
productivity and morale, and

WHEREAS illegally parked vehicles seem to be a major cause of this problem,

WHEREAS inadequate enforcement is seen to be a major contributing factor to
the parking problem, and

WHEREAS the Southeastern administration is currently considering the
parking issue;

NOW BE IT THEREFORE RESOLVED that the Southeastern Faculty Senate
recommends that the administration take the following enforcement measures
to improve the parking situation on campus:

  1. Immediately and significantly increase the number and hours of parking enforcement personnel (ticket writers),
  2. Immediately institute an e-mail notification system to remind students
    of parking tickets, increase the penalties for illegally parked vehicles
    from $25 to $100, and prohibit students from pre-registration until all
    fines are paid,
  3. Institute a policy of "booting" the cars of repeat offenders in which
    fines must be paid prior to the removal of the boot,
  4. Immediately limit the number of days "warning" tickets will be issued
    to the first two days of each semester,
  5. Enforce parking regulations on law enforcement and other public vehicles
    not acting on official business.

BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED that if, after a reasonable period of time, the
above measures are deemed inadequate in resolving the parking problems on
campus the Southeastern Faculty Senate recommends that the administration
then implement the following additional measures:

  1. Remove all Freshmen parking from South campus (98 spaces) prior to the
    commencement of the next academic year and institute a timeline to begin
    offering a shuttle service from North campus parking lots to South campus,
  2. Institute a timeline to purchase and install gates on faculty lots,
  3. Continue to consider implementation of the Parking and Access
    Management Strategy proposed by Chance Management Advisors, Inc. as
  4. Only after the increased enforcement policies listed above have been
    implemented and a significant increase in compliance is seen, raise
    parking fees by $5-$10 per year in order to offset the loss in ticket