Faculty Senate Resolution in Support of Local Legislative Delegation's Support of Higher Education

WHEREAS Southeastern Louisiana University has seen its state support stay strong, in the face of instituting new, heightened admissions standards that have caused its enrollment growth to level-off;

WHEREAS Southeastern has seen many exciting developments in the past year:
the opening of Fayard Hall (the new classroom building) and the Pennington Student Activity Center;
the debut of the Columbia Theater;
the undertaking of the renovation of the biology building and the expansion of the Cate Teacher Education Center;
the launching of the Southeastern Cable Channel;
the selection of a new University President and Provost;
the endowment of 4 new endowed chairs and professorships; and
the renewal of the football program;

BE IT THEREFORE RESOLVED that the Faculty Senate would like to thank each member of our local legislative delegation supporting higher education in Louisiana and specifically, for supporting the leadership of Southeastern Louisiana University to better serve the educational needs of the Northshore area.