Southeastern Louisiana University Faculty Senate
Adopted November 7, 2001

WHEREAS the Faculty Senate passed Resolution 00-01-6 requesting that a
statement defining the University's Governance Procedures "be formally
adopted as the official governance procedures of Southeastern Louisiana
University," and

WHEREAS the Administration's response to the resolution-"The administration
affirms its commitment to a shared governance process which ensures
participation by those parties affected by policies/procedures," but does
not indicate that any action was taken toward making the Senate's
"University Governance Procedures" an official statement to be included in
the Faculty Handbook, and

WHEREAS the Senate statement summarizes the basic procedures that have been
followed in the last six years, and

WHEREAS the Senate statement is necessary to protect the due process rights
of faculty, department heads, and deans;

NOW BE IT THEREFORE RESOLVED THAT the Faculty Senate of Southeastern
Louisiana University again request that the appropriate councils
(Department Heads, Deans, Academic Affairs) review and amend the policy as
necessary, adopt it, and publish it in the Faculty Handbook;

BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED THAT the Senate recommend that immediate action be
taken on this issue.