Southeastern Louisiana University Faculty Senate
Adopted November 7, 2001

WHEREAS Faculty Senate Resolution 00-01-16 expressed concern about the
Academic Dismissal Policy calling for a peer committee appointed by the
President to serve as the final stage of the process before the President's
decision, and

WHEREAS Resolution 00-01-16 asked that the policy be changed to substitute
the elected University Tenure/Promotion Committee for the appointed
committee, and

WHEREAS the Administration's response noted that the "procedure currently
described in the Faculty Handbook for hearing academic dismissal cases is
not inappropriate," and expressed "concern that use of the University
Tenure and Promotion Committee in academic dismissal cases may discourage
faculty from seeking service on the Committee and thus hinder its ability
to fulfill its intended role," as well as a willingness to "continue an
open dialogue to ensure that the most effective and fair procedures for
hearing academic dismissal cases are in place," and

WHEREAS the Associate Secretary for the AAUP, Jonathan Knight, has ruled
that the appointed committee would be "at odds with the
Association-supported standards of academic due process," to wit, "Every
university or college teacher should be entitled before dismissal" to a
"fair trial before a special or permanent judicial committee chosen by the
faculty senate or council, or by the faculty at large" (emphasis added by

NOW BE IT THEREFORE RESOLVED THAT the Faculty Senate of Southeastern
Louisiana University again request that the Academic Dismissal Policy be
amended to require an elected committee as part of the review policy,
serving at the same time in the process as the appointed committee would
now serve;

BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED THAT the elected committee should be either the
University Tenure/Promotion Committee or a committee elected along the same
guidelines approved by the Senate last year for the Grievance Committee,
i.e., staggered three-year terms, nominees coming from each department,
alternates chosen to serve if regular members must recuse themselves,
membership prorated among the College/Library based upon number of
full-time faculty, etc.;

BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED THAT the Senate request that, since the entire
dismissal process has been reviewed and approved previously by the Senate,
the Councils of Department Heads and Deans, and the Academic Affairs
Council, this request to revise a portion of the policy should be sent
immediately to the above councils for review and recommendation and, in the
case of the Academic Affairs Council, possible approval;

BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED THAT the Senate request that any approved changes be
disseminated as soon as possible as updated pages of the Faculty Handbook.